Since 1952 Arendale & Company, P.C., through three generations of CPA’s in Houston Texas, has accumulated in-depth experience in a broad spectrum of business areas:


Oil and Gas
Real Estate
Trust and Estate Administration
Sales and Acquisitions
Personal and Family Accounting
General Business
Warehousing and Distribution
Mortgage Banking


In these industries, we have hands-on business expertise as well as extensive accounting expertise. All aspects of our practice and experience come into play when we serve our clients in areas of our professional practice: Family (Estate) Planning and compliance, Tax planning and compliance, Litigation Services, Forensic Services, and Estate and Trust Administration.

Our effectiveness stems from the combination of having years of diverse business experience, an appreciation for the importance of preparing thoroughly, and ultimately, a proven ability to communicate to the end user.

The bottom line is, we assimilate complex financial information and interpret it for increased understanding and comprehension by the user.

When your needs require a CPA with well-rounded business experience and not a pencil pusher, consider the experience and track record of Arendale & Company, P.C.